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About the Angler...

A devoted angler, high school biology teacher, husband/father of two,  and a skilled emcee, Mike Morazzini was born on the coast of Southern Connecticut and began fresh and salt water fishing as a young child.  Hooked for life at the first sight of a keeper sized striped bass, saltwater fishing became an addiction.  Mike and friends would visit the local piers, sandbars, and rock piles daily pursuing the gammot of Long Island Sound species.  By the time they were twelve, the friends each had their own small craft and would fish as much as time would allow…recording data in their fishing logs, comparing fishing stories and starting their own fishing tournaments.

With each passing year, came the pursuit of bigger vessels and bigger fish.  Center consoles, meticulously kept tackle, improved tactics and the best fishing equipment their money could buy were their salvation.  Mike and friends fishedRhode Island  weekly and made offshore and surf trips everywhere from Cape Cod toKey West  and all spots in between.

Mike grew up listening to a variety of music.  Developing a love for hip hop as a young teen, Mike would get together and rap with his friends to pass time.  Following true hip hop tradition Mike could only rhyme about what was real to him; nothing more than his own experiences and lifestyle.  It was simple…F-I-S-H-I-N-G.  Angler’s Music was born.

The first studio hip hop album dedicated entirely to fishing- Angler Talk– was released by Mike Morazzini in 2009.  The album features the hit tracks “F-I-S-H-I-N-G” as well as other classics such as “Take a Cast,” “Big Fisherman,” “Angler Talk,” and “We Dream.”

In 2011, Mike teamed up with Professional Bass Angler Mike Iaconelli and in the coming years, the two collaborated to create epic pieces of work in the songs “Going Ike” and “Never Give Up.”

Partnering with Michael Piffington of Soundloft Recording Studios in Branford Connecticut, and Mike Iaconelli,  Morazzini has feverishly crafted his latest hip hop dedication to fishing.  The album Droppin’ Lines  is set for release in mid February 2017, and will be Mike’s second studio album.  Droppin’ Lines is backed by production from Thomas Hodek of tellingbeatzz, and launches with the feature track “She’s Gone”- a dedication to the tragic moment experienced by all anglers…losing big fish.

Angler’s Music is for anyone who loves the salt water life, the fresh-life, or simply the way of life that embraces a body of water and the species that inhabit it.  Angler’s music is skilled lyrical hip hop with a special fisherman’s twist.  Some sorta’ Fish-Hop.  Angler’s music is….just listen to it!