Fishing Tunes- On The Water

By Jimmy Fee- January 31 2012

I’ve been coming across a lot of fishing-themed music lately. For one, I don’t think I’ve gone a single day driving to work without Craig Campbell’s Fish or the Trace Adkins father and daughter fishing song She Thinks We’re Just Fishing coming across the radio.

It’s not surprising to hear a country song with a fishing theme, but fishing appearing in rock and hip hop songs? Check out these two anglers who have put down their fishing rods and picked up a microphones to express their love of fishing.

“The Rockin’ Fisherman,” Brian Schram takes a “hard-rock” approach, playing songs like Kiss My Bass (sigh). Schram has toured with the B.A.S.S. tournament trail, playing at the events. He also has his own guide service, Rockin’ Fish Tales Guide Service, on Lake St. Clair in Michigan. You can hear some of the Rockin’ Fisherman’s music HERE.

More surprising still was the fishing hip-hop music coming out of, of all places, Connecticut. Mike Morazzini produces what he calls “Hip hop with a fisherman’s twist.” He’s rapping about tuna, stripers, when “the cows get aroused,” and other fishing right here in the Northeast. Morazzini has an album out, Angler Music, and you can listen to a couple of the tracks on his website HERE.

And then there’s my favorite fishing-themed singer. The timeless, Big Mouth Billy Bass: